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10 Best Webinar Platforms — Software Reviews & Comparisons

In the age of COVID, webinars are of course hot. Instead of having conferences or face-to-face meetups, events are being held online and virtually. Before 2020, webinar software was already big, now most online businesses could use webinar software in some capacity.

Webinars are a great medium to do many things. You can use a webinar for:

  • Live Events — Virtual conferences and mastermind events.
  • Automated Webinars — Just-in-time webinar where it may appear live to the attendee.
  • Product Demos — Showcase your product to prospective customers
  • Customer Training — Create a how-to for existing customers to effectively use your product
  • Internal Communications — Educate your employees and consultants on SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Online Courses — Train individuals live or with pre-recorded sessions.

The possibilities are limitless with webinars.

The biggest disadvantage of a live webinar is the ability to scale. With live webinars, you must be present to perform the webinar. One of the newer methods to sell with an automated webinar.

A pre-recorded automated webinar allows you to schedule times when it’s best for your attendees to watch your webinar. You create an automated webinar and can sell your product or service 24/7. Though I typically only recommend automating a webinar once you’ve got the sales funnel and conversions at an acceptable level.

Automated webinars are great because you scale your product or service and allow it to sell any you send traffic to your webinar.

Let’s compare the webinar platforms.

There are many options to choose from and what might be right for you could be not a good fit for someone else. This is why I created a list of features and which one I recommend you use.


NameRatingStarting PricingLive WebinarsAutomated Webinars
Stealth Seminar8.0/10$69.95/moyesyes
Zoom Video Webinar7.5/10$40/moyesno

Click on the link above to read more about the webinar platform comparison.

1. Demio


Larry's Take

Demio is a browser-based webinar tool that streams in HD video. Compared to some of its competitors, Demio has a more polished look that may help with conversions. The biggest limitation for me is that I can't host Demio webinars on the same domain as my brand. Overall, I find Demio to be the best option for creating live and automated webinars.
9.0 Out of 10
Price$49 - $234 per month
Annual DiscountYes - Save 30%
PromotionTry Demio for Free
Learn More

The biggest advantage to Demio compared to the popular WebinarJam is the lack of a 30-second delay. Demio’s webinars are near real-time, allow you to better interact with your audience and in HD video. The other benefit over WebinarJam and EverWebinar is Demio’s service has live webinars and automated webinars combined into one service.

You have five different types of webinars you can create:

  • Live
  • Series
  • Hybrid
  • Automated
  • On-Demand


  • Custom Domains (New) — Can now use a custom domain or subdomain for your webinar registration page, thank you page webinar room, and replay page.
  • Unlimited Sessions — No limit to how many individuals can attend your webinar
  • Works with Any Web Browser — desktop and mobile device support. No app to install to watch one of your webinars.
  • Screen Sharing — Share your screen with your attendees.
  • Live and Automated Webinars — No additional fees to convert live webinars into automated pre-recorded webinars.
  • Pre-Made Registration Templates — Quickly create a registration form
  • Email Notifications — automated email notifications reminding registrants of an upcoming webinar.
  • Interactive Polls — Engaged and interact with your audience with polling you can share (or not) with your attendees.
  • Launch Offers and CTAs — Present offers during your webinar to a signup page of your choosing.
  • Live Chat — Public or private chat with your attendees.
  • Recorded in HD Video — Webinars are recorded in HD and can be downloaded in mpeg4 format.
  • Replay Page — Automatically generate a customized replay page that matches your brand with a call-to-action button.
  • Reporting — Find out how many attended your webinar and how many converted.


Demio PlanPricingAttendeesHostsAutomated Webinar
Premiumcontact sales1,0005yes

If you purchase annually you save 30% on the monthly fees. If you are looking for automated events and custom form fields the ‘Growth’ plan is your best option. If you want multiple hosts (up to 4) and Marketo integration Demio’s ‘Business’ plan is your best option.

The ‘Growth’ plan removes any references to the Demio branding.

At their lowest plan (Starter) Demio allows for a 3-hour session limit, which should be more than enough but for the longest webinar.

You can try Demio for free with their 14-day trial.

2. WebinarJam


Larry's Take

WebinarJam is one of the cheapest webinar platforms for live events. If you want to automate your webinars, you must purchase their sister service EverWebinar, which can make their product more costly compared to some of the other options available. WebinarJam does what it does and does it well. Though some of the public interfaces appear a little dated and the quality of the webinar video isn't the best.
8.5 Out of 10
PlatformCloud, iOS, Android
Price$499 - $999 per year
Promotion$1 for 14 days
Learn More

WebinarJam is a live-only webinar service. If you are looking to create automated webinars, their sister service EverWebinar can do automated webinars. Both services are by Genesis Digital LLC and also the maker of all-in-one service Kartra.


  • Live Chat — Communicate with your audience via private and public comments. Create sticky announcements and highlight previous comments.
  • Flexible Scheduling — Run your webinars at the anytime you want.
  • Email and SMS Built-in — While works with many email marketing software, it is an option with WebinarJam and can use their built-in Email and SMS reminders.
  • Present Offers — Present offers to your webinar attendees for a limited time.
  • Drawing Board — Write notes and messages on top of your presentation or screen share to highlight parts.
  • Paid Webinars — A unique feature of WebinarJam is the ability to accept payment for the webinar without using a third-party shopping cart service.


WebinarJam PlanPriceAttendeesHostsEvent Duration
Basic$499/yr50022 hours
Professional$699/yr2,00043 hours
Enterprise$999/yr5,00064 hours

Unlike EverWebinar, WebinarJam does have differences in their three plan options.

WebinarJam has a 30-day money back guarantee.

The primary differences is with the Professional plan you have an always-on live room. This gives you a fixed URL link so existing audiences can use the same URL to access their training.

The other big option is a “panic button” option for the Professional and Enterprise plans. If there’s a technical glitch in your presentation, you can do a hard reset and start over again with your same attendees.

Otherwise, the only difference in plans is the duration but for most with the Basic plan, 2 hours max duration for live webinar is more than enough time.

3. EasyWebinar


Larry's Take

EasyWebinar is a capable live and automated webinar service. The company has created webinar courses to help you fully utilize the product. If you are new to creating webinars, you'll find EasyWebinar does more hand-holding than the other services. This might be a good reason for choosing EasyWebinar over the competition.
8.5 Out of 10
Price$78 - $499 per month
Annual DiscountYes - 3 Months Free
Promotion14-Day Free Trial
Learn More


  • Live and Automated Webinars — No need to upgrade to evergreen webinars since it’s built-in to EasyWebinar.
  • Real-Time Chat — Live chat with your webinar attendees with emojis and links.
  • Make Any Attendee A Presenter — Great for more interactive calls and mastermind sessions.
  • No Latency — No delay from your presentation and chat with webinar attendees.
  • EasyCast — Stream not only with EasyWebinar’s service but on the social media platforms of Facebook Live and YouTube Live.
  • Right-On-Time Registration — With automated webinars for events in the next 15-minute increment.
  • Push Offers — Show offers to your audience while showing your presentation.
  • HD Video — The live stream can present and record in HD video. Also supports Facebook Live and YouTube Live streaming.
  • SmartPhone App — In order to view a webinar on a mobile device, the registrant must install EasyWebinar’s app.


EasyWebinar PlanPriceAttendees

If you pay yearly, you get 3 months free with EasyWebinar.

The primary difference with the plans is the amount of attendees that can show up to your live or automated webinars.

4. ClickMeeting

Larry's Take

The pricing of ClickMeeting is pretty good and one of the cheapest webinar platforms. The biggest limitation with ClickMeeting is their lack of integrations. Yes, you can use Zapier but would prefer a tighter integration with more email marketing software.
8.0 Out of 10
Price$25 - $359 per month
Annual DiscountYes - Up to 20% Off
PromotionFree 30-Day Trial
Learn More


  • 3 Webinars Types and 2 Meeting Events — ClickMeeting not only have webinar options but you can create live meetings as well with their plans.
  • Many Chat Options — With automated webinars you can moderate the chat or answer attendee questions later.
  • Mobile Apps For Hosts — You can create an event anywhere you have your mobile phone.
  • Facebook Live and YouTube Live — You can stream your webinar on either social media platform.
  • Polls and Surveys — Get attendee feedback to make sure your webinar is on point.
  • Toll-Free Dial-in Numbers — For attendees who can’t get Internet access, ClickMeeting offers toll-free numbers to dial into your webinar.


ClickMeeting PlanPriceHostsRecording Storage
Live$25/mo16 hours
Automated$45/mo110 hours
Enterprisecontact sales410 hours

ClickMeeting’s pricing is one of the simpler webinar services listed here and one of the cheapest. You have your choice of two plans: live or automated. Second is the more attendees to your webinar, the more you pay. It’s that simple.

You can start with as little as 25 attendees at the lowest pricing as shown above. As you need more attendees, you pay more.

The Enterprise plan is really for large virtual events since it can host 10,000 attendees.

ClickMeeting has a 30-Day Free Trial. No credit card is needed to test their service.

5. Livestorm


Larry's Take

Livestorm is an up and coming webinar and messaging service. The great part of their service is the free options currently available. Their automated webinars seem to lack the flexibility to trigger events unlike other options available. Though for me lacks the ability to integrate with many popular email services.
8.0 Out of 10
PriceFREE - $665 per month
Annual DiscountYes - Save 10%
PromotionGet Started For Free
Learn More

Livestorm supports three types of webinars:

  • Live
  • On-Demand
  • Automated


  • Scheduled and Instant Meetings — Livestorm is not just a webinar platform but similar to Zoom allows for two-way meetings.
  • Iframe Mode — Integrate YouTube Live, Twitch, Livestream, or any other live video streaming service for your webinar room.
  • Unlimited HD Webinars — Host as many webinars as you want and record them in HD video.
  • Screensharing — Share your screen which can be for demos or slideshows using your favorite presentation software.
  • Live Chat — Communicate with your attendees in real-time.
  • Guest Presenters — Add guests to your webinar. Up to 6 people can be on the stage at the same time.
  • Analytics — Get insight into who attended your webinar and where they are dropping off in the presentation.
  • Email — No need for a third-party email marketing service you can use what’s built-into Livestorm.


Livestorm PlanStarting PriceAttendeesHostsEvent Duration
Starterfree10120 min.
Premium$109/mo10014 hours
Enterprisecontact sales1,000410 hours

One of the main selling points of Livestorm is their free webinar plan. It does allow you to kick the

Livestorm does offer a discount of $10 for when you pay for their yearly plans

6. EverWebinar


Larry's Take

The sister service to WebinarJam, EverWebinar allows you to create automated webinars. EverWebinar was one of the first platforms to allow evergreen webinars, meaning you don't have to perform live for each event. It supports live and pre-recorded chat that you can mix together. With EverWebinar, you can pretty much do exactly the same things as you can with a live webinar.
8.0 Out of 10
Price3 x $199/year - $799/2 years
Promotion$1 for 14 days
Learn More

WebinarJam’s sister service which allows you to automate your webinars so you can scale and create sales 24/7.


  • Flexible Scheduling — Schedule webinar times what’s best suited for your attendees. Exclude specific days to give the appeal of live webinars.
  • On-Demand Webinars — Gives the appearance of a live webinar with a specific starting time and can join in on the call at any time.
  • Live Chat — Hybrid chat where you can have pre-recorded chat sessions and mixed with your live responses to new questions.
  • Live Chat Simulator — Make the chat appear to be live with evergreen chat sessions.
  • Polls and Surveys — Create polls and surveys to help increase webinar attendee engagement.
  • Split Testing — Unique to EverWebinar you can split test your webinar and track which performs better. Maximize your conversions.
  • Active Offers — Present limited-time offers to your webinar audience while on the call.
  • Built-In Email and SMS System — No need to use a third-party email service to remind registrants of your webinar. EverWebinar has an email and SMS service built-in.
  • Pre-Made Landing Pages — Get your webinar landing page up in no time with EverWebinar’s pre-made landing page templates.
  • One-Click Automated Webinars — If you are a customer of WebinarJam all you have to do to automate a webinar is one click.
  • Automations — Works with many email marketing and CRM systems. Create tags and “if/then” rules to segment your visitors.


EverWebinar PlanTermCostSavings
Installment1 year$199 x 3
Annual1 year$499$98
Biennial2 years$799$395

EverWebinar’s plans only come in annual payment. They are also different in that EverWebinar’s features are exactly the same as the price tier. The only difference in the plans is the payment terms.

Keep in mind you do NOT need WebinarJam in order to use EverWebinar. Though of course the features give a similar functionality for your audience if your were to go from live to evergreen webinar.

EverWebinar does have a 30-day money back guarantee and a 14-day $1 trial period.

7. WebinarNinja


Larry's Take

WebinarNinja is a web-based only webinar software for live, automated, series, or hybrid webinars. Unlike others, WebinarNinja allows you to create hybrid webinars giving you the advantages of both pre-recorded and live webinars.
8.0 Out of 10
Price$49 - $249 per month
Annual DiscountYes - Save 20%
PromotionFirst 14 Days are FREE
Learn More

WebinarNinja is already used by some well-known brands such as: Baremetrics, AppSumo and Podia. They offer four types of webinars:

  • Live – broadcasted with a live host for audience interaction.
  • Automated – recorded webinars that run at certain times or on-demand.
  • Series – a group of several webinars.
  • Hybrid – a combination of live and recorded videos.


  • 4 Types of Webinars — Live, Automated, Series, and Hybrid webinars
  • Share Screen — Share your screen with your attendees for either demos or your Powerpoint presentation.
  • Polls — Create interactive polls to get real-time information about your audience.


WebinarNinja PlanPriceAttendeesHostsEvent Duration
Starter$49/mo10032 hours
Pro$95/mo30054 hours
Plus$159/mo50076 hours
Power$249/mo1,000118 hours

If you wan annually, you can save 20% off their monthly fees. WebinarNinja comes with a 14-day free trial period to test out their service.

8. Stealth Seminar

Stealth Seminar

Larry's Take

Stealth Seminar is one of the newer webinar companies. They support live and hybrid webinars. Unfortunately, their webinars appear more generic-looking pages and the chat is very simplistic. Stealth is browser-based and does not require an app to view on desktop more smartphones. The primary reason why you would consider Stealth Seminar is for their automation webinars.
8.0 Out of 10
Price$69.95 - $135 per month
Annual DiscountYes - 2 Months Free
Promotion30-Day Free Trial
Learn More

Stealth Seminar seems to cater to digital product services. They are recommended and used by firms such as SamCart, Amy Porterfield, and Ryan Deiss. For automated webinars, it does what it does very well, but compared to the others their interface is ugly. It lacks a polished feel compared to the other webinars.


  • 3 Types of Webinars — Live, Automated, and Hybrid Webinars
  • Easy Scheduling — Can schedule date and time to whatever you want.
  • Social Proof — Shows webinar attendee count and shows attendee names. Can use real, faux, or a mix of the two.
  • Polls and Surveys — Get feedback from your audience. Can use real or faux info and can choose actual or faux results.
  • Chat and Q & A — Just like other functionality, it can be real or pre-populated faux chat.


FeatureStarter PlanProfessional PlanGrowth PlanPower Plan
Facebook Remindersyesyesyes
A/B Testingyesyesyes
Custom Domainyesyesyes
Hybrid Webinaryesyesyes
Custom Fieldsyesyesyes
900 streaming hoursyesyes
Price$69.95/mo$99.95/mo$175.00/mocontact sales

With Stealth Seminar if you prepay for the year, you get 2 months free.

9. Zoom Video Webinar


Larry's Take

Zoom Video Webinar service is really targeting existing customers or for large live virtual conferences or mastermind groups. If you are looking for a tool that can be used as part of your sales funnel, I would suggest to look elsewhere. Zoom lacks most of the functionality to promote a product and cannot automate a webinar.
7.5 Out of 10
PlatformWindows, macOS, iOS, Android
Price$40 - $6,490 per month
Annual DiscountYes - Save Up To $12,980
Learn More

In the past year Zoom has taken off as a company. They specialize in live meeting and perfect for that usage. Though should use also use Zoom for their Webinar software?

Zoom’s webinar software is primarily for the training and education of existing customers. If you using it for part of your sales funnel you’ll be disappointed in Zoom’s options. For example, it lacks any functionality to automate your webinars. As a lead-gen tool I would suggest avoiding Zoom.

Zoom can be great if live for live events like virtual conferences and mastermind groups. It supports large audience sizes.


  • 100 Panelists — If you have a large amount of panelists Zoom Video Webinar is the best option
  • Screen Sharing — Panelists can share their video and audio from their desktop
  • Live Chat — Communicate publicly and privately one-on-one with your attendees.
  • Polls — Create polls and show the results to your audience.
  • Whiteboard — mark up screenshots and presentations using Zoom’s built-in annotation tools.
  • Email Reminders — Send emails pre and post-webinar events.
  • Post-Event Survey — Send a link post-webinar to a survey to query your audience of how well they enjoyed the event.
  • Third-Party Live Streaming — Not only stream within Zoom, but to external services such as Facebook Live, YouTube, and other streaming services.


Zoom webinar features are included in all plans listed. The primary differences is the amount of attendees per call.

10,000 – 50,000contact sales

10. GoToWebinar


Larry's Take

The granddaddy webinar service and it shows. Your visitors must download and install their software to view your webinar. For that alone, I don't recommend using their software as it causes too much friction for your attendees. Though if you are looking to host large (over 5,000) attendee events GoToWebinar is the service of choice because they are one of the few that can handle large events.
7.0 Out of 10
PlatformWindows, macOS, iOS, Android
Price$59 - $499 per month
Annual DiscountYes - Save 25%
Promotion7-Day Free Trial
Learn More

The sister service of GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar is a fully featured live and automated webinar SaaS. GoToWebinar is one of the oldest services listed in the group. In order to view a webinar, you must download and install GoToMeeting’s software. Which for some can be a deterrent from watching your webinar.


  • GoToMeeting Included — With every GoToWebinar plan
  • Pre-Recorded Events — You can use GoToWebinar to host events that appear as if they are live.
  • Reminder Emails — Remind your registrants of their upcoming webinar via email.
  • Surveys — Get feedback so you can improve future webinars.


Video Embeddingyesyesyes
Automated Webinaryesyes
Video Editoryesyes
Source Trackingyesyes

If you prepay for the year you can get a 25% discount. To kick the tires, GoToWebinar offers a 7-day trial period.

With GoToWebinar, the primary difference in pricing is how many participants can show per webinar. The lowest plan is 100 and can support all the way up to 100,000. Which makes GoToWebinar ideal for larger corporate events.

My Recommendations


In 2024 out of the options I’ve listed, I recommend Demio.

It has live and webinar options and presents nice and easy to use registration forms. It works with any web browser and does not require any special software to be installed by the attendee.


If you are looking to automate your sales funnel, EverWebinar is the best option.

Their automated webinars is their specialty.

Virtual Conferences

If you are wanting to use webinar software for a virtual conference or virtual mastermind I would recommend Zoom Video Webinar. They have the resources to handle large amounts of sessions and can stream to third-party services.

Webinar FAQs

What is a webinar?

A webinar (which is is the joining of the words “web” and “seminar” together) is an online presentation. A webinar can be used to educate existing customers or a means to sell a product or service to prospects.

What is webinar software?

It is a service that you either install on a local device or use through a web browser that allows you to capture your video and optionally screen share your computer’s desktop. You use it to create a sales presentation to sell a product or service.

Which webinar software is the best?

I compare and break down each of the popular webinar platforms in my 10 best webinar platforms article. I recommend one for best overall and one that better caters to automated webinars.

Is Zoom good for webinars?

From my experience, Zoom Video Webinar platform is more for existing customers than to use as part of the sales funnel to sell a product. I would not use Zoom to sell your products. To find out which one I recommend, read my best webinar platform article.

How long should a webinar last?

Most webinars are under 60 minutes. If it is for sales I would say no more than 1 hour 30 minutes long. For educational webinars to customers, I would try to keep it under 3 hours with no more than two hours.
Larry Ludwig

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Larry Ludwig is an entrepreneur, financial expert, tech & marketing guru with over 25 years of industry experience.

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