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Deadline Funnel Review – The Best Countdown Timer

Deadline Funnel

Larry's Take

Deadline Funnel is a unique service that I recommend adding to any sales funnel. It allows you to create true limited-time offers that are hard to circumvent. You can entice your audience with promotions to engage now. Deadline Funnel supports web page and email countdown timers unique to the visitor. It integrates with many popular email services and is a must-have tool. The only downside is the monthly cost.
9.5 Out of 10
Price$49 - $199 per month
Annual DiscountYes - Save 20%
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  • Evergreen Funnels — Create unique evergreen limited-time offers for each prospect.
  • Predefined Blueprints — Easy-to-follow pre-made templates to add to your sales funnel.
  • Many Email Integrations — Works with many popular email service providers. In addition, Deadline Funnel has an effective countdown timer you can embed in emails to your subscribers.
  • Works Anywhere — Unlike many other options that are WordPress based, this service can work anywhere you can install JavaScript. This is perfect for shopping cart services like ThriveCart or SamCart.
  • Multi-Device Tracking — Prevents prospects from evading your countdown timer and resetting the clock.


  • Confusing Interface — It can be confusing to implement your new funnel.
  • Costly — While Deadline Funnel is powerful, it can be costly to use compared to other services. However, it offers options no other product has.

Product Summary

Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula is one of the best-known strategies for launching a digital product.

Jeff’s formula outlines how to launch a digital product for a limited time. It’s a sales funnel technique that’s been used by many marketers over the years.

Using the formula, you create a course, market it to your audience, and close the cart after a certain number of days. Jeff’s formula works because it creates scarcity. (That scarcity increases value is one of the core tenets mentioned in Robert Cialdini’s highly recommended book, Influence.)

The Product Launch formula works — almost too well. Its success causes one of this digital marketing technique’s major problems.

Because it generates a lot of income in a very short period, Jeff’s strategy can lead to a “lumpy” business. One month you could net $20,000 in course sales, then zero the next month.

With Jeff’s technique, you are always racing to your next product launch. That’s a tough way to run a business.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create a limited funnel that is also evergreen? You could send traffic to an offer available for a limited time to each prospect.

That’s now possible with the service Deadline Funnel.

Deadline Funnel has some tech features not seen in the competing services.

What Is Deadline Funnel?

Deadline Funnel is a service that allows digital marketers to create a limited-time offer for each prospect. The purpose here is to entice potential customers to take action now. Unlike many services, Deadline Funnel’s personalized countdown timers make it impossible for readers to cheat on your offer’s time limit.



  • Blueprints — Use predefined templates with your sales campaigns.
  • Display Countdown Timers — View your enabled email and web page countdown timers.
  • Customizable Look and Feel — Tailor the look of your countdown timer to match your brand.
  • Email Integration — Integrate Deadline Funnel with many popular email service providers.
  • Shopify Integration — Create a limited-availability discount code for your Shopify customers.
  • Multi-Device Tracking — Prevent resetting the countdown because the visit comes from another device. Also useful for preventing users from evading your countdown timer.
  • Reporting — Track how many subscribers are active in a deadline funnel. Measure the return on investment (ROI) of your email sequences. There’s an option to receive weekly reports via email.

Deadline Funnel gives you 10 different blueprints to promote your products in an evergreen method:

  1. Email Sequence With Special Offer — Each email subscriber receives a special offer and unique deadline only for them.
  2. Page Visit — Start tracking when a visitor visits a specified web page. This can be used for campaigns without an email sequence.
  3. Automated Webinar — Integrate Deadline Funnel with your automated webinar, so each attendee receives a special promotion.
  4. Product Launch/Fixed Date Promotion — Typically used for holiday events, you can promote an offer that ends at a specified date and time for all visitors.
  5. Click-Based Email Sequence — Starts the countdown only when a reader clicks on a specific email link.
  6. Day of the Week — Set an evergreen deadline that ends on a specific day of the week.
  7. 15-Minute Opt-in Upsell — Create an offer for a limited time as soon as a user subscribes to your mailing list.
  8. Special Offer by Quantity — Limit your promotion for the first X number of buyers instead of by date.
  9. Shopify Promotion — Create an evergreen Shopify campaign with ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit.
  10. Facebook Messenger Promotion — Create an evergreen Messenger sequence with ManyChat or Chatfuel bots.

Types of Countdown Timers

There are three different types of countdowns available to you:

  1. Floating Bar Timer — Display the timer at the top or bottom of your web page.
  2. Inline Timer — Embed a timer anywhere on a page via HTML.
  3. Email Timer — Display a timer inside your emails.

It should be noted that, unlike many other countdown timers, Deadline Funnel uses multiple methods to prevent a visitor from thwarting your limited-time offer. All too often, I’ve seen countdown timers that reset after a user clears their browser’s cookies or visits from another device.

If your timer can be reset, this completely ruins your credibility with your audience.

Not with Deadline Funnel.

Deadline Funnel uses browser cookies and each visitor’s email address and IP address to uniquely identify them. This is why Deadline Funnel should be integral to any limited-offer email sequence.

Deadline Funnel Pricing

Deadline Funnel’s pricing is pretty straightforward. There are three different product tiers:

  1. Start — $49/month ($39/mo annually)
  2. Create — $99/month ($79/mo annually)
  3. Scale — $199/month($159/mo annually)

If you pay annually, you’ll save 20%. I recommend you do that once you’ve decided Deadline Funnel’s service is right for you.

Most individuals will opt for the “Create” plan because it removes the Deadline Funnel branding from the countdown timer. It also allows you to customize the colors.

The “Start” plan limits you to only three campaigns. Honestly, that’s enough to get your feet wet. Once you’re using Deadline Funnel, you’ll see opportunities to test it in other sales funnels. I bet you’ll then upgrade to “Create,” which lets you set up unlimited campaigns.

However, the “Create” plan limits you to 10,000 leads a month. (For most bloggers, that’s more than enough.)


The key element of Deadline Funnel is its integration with your mailing list software. Fortunately, this service works with many email, chat, and popup box providers.


  • Actionetics/ClickFunnels
  • AW Pro Tools
  • Chatfuel
  • KlickTipp
  • ManyChat
  • OptiMonk
  • OptinMonster
  • Platformly
  • Sendlane
  • Shopify
  • Zapier

Landing Page Builder

You can work with pretty much any page builder or CMS.

  • ClickFunnels
  • Instapage
  • Leadpages
  • OptimizePress
  • Unbounce

Deadline Funnel Alternatives

Deadline Funnel is a pretty unique product. There are alternatives to this service, but only one product comes close. Yes, many shopping cart services like ThriveCart or SamCart have a countdown timer, but those timers can be easily thwarted.

The only other service I suggest looking is Thrive Ultimatum. Thrive Ultimatum is a WordPress plugin that prevents customers from getting around a limited-time promotion.

Thrive Ultimatum’s biggest disadvantage is it’s a WordPress plugin. If you use another shopping cart service, such as ThriveCart, you will not able to integrate the two. You can’t use it if you use any CMS other than WordPress.

A second disadvantage to Thrive Ultimatum is that it won’t let you attach a countdown timer to your emails.

I declare Deadline Funnel the clear winner in the funnel timer category.

My Recommendation

If you’re selling digital products, I recommend you employ a countdown timer. It helps get prospects off “the fence” to take action. (But that doesn’t mean you should necessarily use a timer on every product you sell.)

I use Deadline Funnels in a lot of my campaigns.

This service will not fix poorly positioned or marketed products. No marketing technique can do that.

Deadline Funnel creates legit scarcity for your digital products. And it prevents visitors from evading the countdown timer you create. Compared to the other options available, it’s the best timer service on the market.

Larry Ludwig

About Larry Ludwig

Larry Ludwig is an entrepreneur, financial expert, tech & marketing guru with over 25 years of industry experience.

In July 2018, Larry successfully sold Investor Junkie for $6 million.

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