KWFinder Review (2021) – A Cheap Keyword Research Tool

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KWFinder is a Google SEO and paid traffic keyword research tool.

What is KWFinder?

KWFinder SEO keyword search tool which is part of Mangools SEO toolkit. KWFinder was the first tool created in August 2014 by Peter Hrbáčik. It eventually turned into a suite of tools named Mangools which KWFinder is a part of that service.


KWFinder by Mangools

Larry's Take

KWFinder by Mangools is a great alternative to Ahrefs for keyword research only. They are not only cheaper but from my testing, I find to be more accurate results for search volume. It not only includes a keyword finder but includes the services SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler as well. Though I'm not a fan of their other services.
9.0 Out of 10
Price$49 - $129 per month
Annual DiscountYes - Save 40%
Promotion10-day FREE trial
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  • Keyword research is second to none — From my testing KWFinder has some of the best keyword research results.
  • Tie-in to their other services — Links up to Mangools other tools.
  • Great Long-Tail Data — KWFinder has data for long tail searches that other tools like Ahrefs does not have any insight into SEO research.


  • Competitor Research Isn't Great — Ahrefs is a much better tool for researching competing blogs and use that tool instead.
  • Other Mangools Are OK At Best — I'm not a fan of Mangools other SEO tools and prefer Ahrefs instead.



  • Keyword Research — find the monthly search volume and the relative difficulty of ranking for that keyword.
  • Search By Location — City, Region, County, Stats, and Country.
  • Search by Domain — Discover what keywords a competing website ranks for.
  • Keyword Lists — Create lists of keywords for future articles and competitive research

KWFinder Pricing

FeatureMangools BasicMangools PremiumBangools Agency
Keyword Lookups100 / 24 h500 / 24 h1,200 / 24 h
Keyword Suggestions200700700

KWFinder price is much cheaper when compared to the alternatives like Ahrefs. In addition, save 40% of KWFinder annual plans.

KWFinder Alternatives

$99 - $999 per month
SemrushRead the Review
$119.95 - $449.95 per month
Try For Free
SurferRead the Review
$59 - $199 per month
7-Day Money Back Guarantee

My Recommendation

From my own antidotal testing, I’ve found KWfinder’s search volume data to be much more accurate than Ahrefs. I’ve found long-tailed search queries in Ahrefs to be unreliable at best or no information at all. Whereas with Mangools KWFinder I found giving me more information for the search terms I need data.

KWFinder is a great keyword research tool if you are looking for just one tool to start with that’s cheap then KWFinder is good option to use. I still use Ahrefs to help competitor analysis. Mangools other tools are just ok and much prefer Ahrefs instead for the other functionality.

So if you can afford it use KWFinder for keyword research only and Ahrefs for finding keywords and the other features available in Ahrefs.

Though if I was just starting out KWFinder would be my SEO keyword research tool of choice.

Larry Ludwig

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