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Weebly Pricing – Which Website Builder Plan To Choose?

Weebly offers an affordable website builder solution. The company is a subsidiary of Square and has hosted websites for businesses since 2006. However, how much does Weebly cost?

Potential buyers may be concerned about hidden costs or if they can find a Weebly plan that fits their needs accurately. However, Weebly offers plans with straightforward website creation options. 

Unlike other competitors with multiple plans that sometimes confuse the issue, Weebly offers three paid plans to choose from. Too many choices sometimes cause us to avoid taking action, but with Weebly, you won’t be overwhelmed. 

Whether you need a website for your hobby, portfolio, or business, you can find a solution with Weebly. 

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Weebly Plans Pricing

Plan Personal Professional Performance
Price $9.00/mo. $16.00/mo. $29.00/mo.
Yearly Price (discount) $7.00/mo. $15.00/mo. $30.00/mo.
Storage unlimited unlimited unlimited
Visitors/month unmetered unmetered unmetered
Email Accounts - - -
Dedicated Domain Yes Yes Yes
Free Domain Name - 1 year 1 year
Free SSL Yes Yes Yes
Display Ads Yes No No
Analytics Yes Yes Yes

Asides from Weebly’s free option, the business offers three plans with pricing that range from $5 to $25 per month (when taking advantage of their annual payment option). The three paid plans include:

  1. Personal
  2. Professional
  3. Performance

If you’re a blogger, freelancer, or small business, either the Personal or Professional plan will likely satisfy your needs. However, if you own an online store, then you should consider the Performance plan.

Each plan (including the free option) comes with some eCommerce features. However, to make the most of the eCommerce features that Weebly offers, it is highly recommended that you look into the Performance plan. 

Weebly Free Plan

Of course, the Weebly Free Plan doesn’t cost you anything. It’s an excellent way to get started when trying to get a feel for how Weebly works for you. 

There are several considerations to keep in mind with the Weebly Free Plan:

  • Several of Weebly’s features are not available on this plan.
  • Weebly places advertisements on your website. 
  • The eCommerce options allow you to sell your products or services. It features an online shopping cart that lets customers check out several items.
  • A free SSL certificate comes included.
  • You cannot connect a custom domain. Instead, your website appears as a subdomain on the weebly.com domain. This is a significant disadvantage to consider
  • SEO website tools and lead capture options do come with this option.
  • Weebly support is available for help by email and remote chat.

Weebly Personal Plan

The Weebly Personal Plan costs $6 per month using their annual option. This is a solid upgrade over the Free Plan. However, it is mainly used for personal blogging or to host a simple portfolio website due to the unprofessional aspects that come attached to it.

With the Weebly Personal Plan, you need to consider that:

  • It’s challenging to present a professional image on this plan because Weebly still displays advertisements on your website. 
  • You can utilize a custom domain with this plan. This is a major big difference between the Free Plan and the Personal Plan. However, the domain is not free for the first year.
  • A free SSL certificate comes included. 
  • You can add third-party code to your website. 
  • SEO website tools are included, such as lead capture. Pop-up notifications that aren’t available on the Free Plan are added to the Personal Plan.
  • You can contact support via Weebly’s email and chat functions. 
  • Like the Free Plan, you can take advantage of several eCommerce options such as the shopping cart, coupons, and an automatic tax calculator. 
  • You’ll get an extra eCommerce option added in that lets you offer digital goods for sale.

Weebly Professional Plan

The Weebly Professional Plan costs $12 per month under the annual billing option. As the name suggests, this is the plan to strongly consider when presenting a more professional image. 

Highlights of the Weebly Professional Plan include:

  • All Weebly advertisements removed from your website. 
  • You get unlimited storage with the Professional Plan.
  • A free SSL certificate comes included.
  • Your domain is free on this plan as long as you use the annual billing method.
  • Weebly gives you advanced website stats. 
  • Your support options now include email, chat, and phone help. 
  • You benefit from password protection.

Weebly Performance Plan

The Weebly Performance Plan will cost $26 per month if you select the annual billing option. In addition, this plan adds greater eCommerce functionality, meaning that your online store will become a powerful selling platform.

Things to keep in mind with the Weebly Performance Plan include:

  • You get your domain for free when purchasing via the annual billing option. 
  • Your website gets unlimited storage space. 
  • You don’t need to deal with any distracting advertisements on your online store. 
  • You’ll get password protection and advanced site stats. 
  • You can now accept payments via PayPal. 
  • You can accept reviews on your online store. 
  • Shipping labels and a shipping calculator are available. 
  • You can send “abandoned shopping cart” emails to shoppers who didn’t complete their orders. 
  • You will be a priority of Weebly’s support team. 
  • Your online store can offer discounts to customers. 
  • Advanced eCommerce insights will become available.

How Much Does Weebly Cost?

Another disadvantage to the Free Plan must be addressed when considering the different Weebly pricing plans. 

Building your business on the weebly.com domain does not give you complete control over your business website – you are essentially renting space on their online platform. 

If you have the Free Plan and decide to move to a different website builder in the future, you may lose your website. Therefore, it’s better to select one of the paid plans and install your unique domain. 

Not only does it provide more flexibility for your website building purposes, but it looks far more professional to send visitors to “yourdomain.com” instead of “yourdomain.weebly.com”. You’ll also want to feature a custom domain while branding your business or when promoting your website. 

To summarize, the benefits of paying for a Weebly plan include:

  • Gaining complete control over your business’ website
  • Establishing your brand more effectively with a custom domain
  • Looking more professional to customers

Upfront Costs

Upfront costs with Weebly pricing plans depend on whether you choose a monthly or annual payment plan. 

You’ll pay more upfront when selecting the annual option. However, you can save money overall with a yearly plan because Weebly discounts that option more than month-to-month options. 

Here are more details about the difference between paying monthly or annually. 

Weebly Pricing Plans – Annual Payment vs. Monthly Payment

Personal Plan: This plan charges $6 per month if you choose the annual billing. Of course, you’ll pay $72 upfront because you’re prepaying the entire year. However, if you’d rather pay month-to-month, then the rate will be $9 per month. 

The Personal Plan is a good option if you’re working on a small project, need a portfolio site, or build a hobby website. Remember that this gives you the option to connect your custom domain. 

Professional Plan: You can start this plan for $12 per month with the yearly plan ($144 paid upfront for the year). The month-to-month option, on the other hand, is $16 per month. You’ll find that this plan opens up the features that work best for small business owners, freelancers, and online entrepreneurs. 

Performance Plan: Get started on this Weebly plan for $26 per month on the annual plan – this works out to be $312 in upfront costs. The per month option is currently $29. Choose the Performance Plan when you need eCommerce tools such as abandoned cart email communication and shipping labels.

Domain Name Costs

You need to consider how much your top-level domain (also called a domain extension) will cost you in the first year of using Weebly, as well as your ongoing costs in this area. 

You won’t get charged anything for a top-level domain on the Weebly Free Plan. Remember, you won’t have a top-level domain on this plan because you are setting up your website as a subdomain on Weebly’s top-level domain of “weebly.com”. 

If you decide to use the Personal Plan, you’ll need to pay for your domain extension. This plan doesn’t include a free domain for the first year like the Professional and Performance annual billing plans do. 

Weebly typically charges $19.95 per year for a domain extension such as .com or .org. However, more unique types of extensions, such as .shop, for instance, might cost $36 per year. 

Consider this cost before buying the Personal Plan, so you don’t get surprised by it. If you plan to use either the Professional and Performance plans, you’ll start to pay this annual cost after your first year. 

To be clear, you only avoid this extension fee by choosing to pay for one of the two plans on the annual payment plan. So, for example, you cannot gain this bonus by purchasing the Professional or Performance plan on a month-to-month payment plan. 

An option lets you save on domain extension costs for buyers who intend to use Weebly for multiple years. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 1 year = $19.95 per year
  • 2 years = $16.95 per year
  • 5 years = $14.96 per year
  • 10 years = $12.57 per year

Weebly Transaction Fees

If you’re going to use the online store features of Weebly to sell products, then you should know about the transaction fees. 

As mentioned above, Square owns Weebly, so Square has a fee for powering your online store’s sales. Square will require you to pay 2.9% + 30 cents on all of your transactions. Paying eCommerce transaction fees is a normal aspect of running an online store, but it is something to consider when establishing your overall business plan.

Setting up Your Professional Email

Weebly partners with the Google Workspace G Suite app to help you set up a business email. A professional email ends up looking like [email protected] or [email protected]. You can connect G Suite to your Weebly account when setting it up for $70 per year. 

You’ll also benefit from other Google products such as:

  • Online documents (Google docs or Google Sheets, for example)
  • Calendar sharing
  • Video meetings

This Google product is a website builder industry standard. Other Weebly competitors use it to help business owners like yourself meet the professional email challenge with a simple solution. This option is a solid answer when you want to avoid mixing your personal email with your business operations. 

Weebly Apps

At some point, you might need to budget some money for premium apps. Weebly offers an app center that helps you perform a variety of business tasks such as:

  • Social media marketing
  • Online traffic generation
  • Sales and marketing

You’ll discover over 50 apps that Weebly offers for free. You shouldn’t have an issue finding plenty of free options when getting started. However, there might come a day when you want to invest in a specific paid app solution. If and when you do, expect to pay somewhere from $5 to $50, depending on the particular application. 

Using Weebly for Email Marketing

If you’d like to keep your email marketing in the Weebly family, then consider their Weebly Promote program. Plans start at $8 per month, and you can send out email marketing campaigns to your subscribers. 

Weebly Promote includes drag-and-drop email designs, performance tracking, and list management. Use the program to promote newsletters to follow up with prospects and customers. 

It’s an extra Weebly cost, but email marketing can become a significant part of your business operations. Weebly Promote helps get you started by importing contacts from Yahoo! or Gmail. You can bring new contacts in from website forms, store orders, or membership groups. In addition, Weebly helps with scheduling email broadcasts, testing for errors, and gauging subscriber engagement. 

Next Steps

Do any of Weebly’s pricing plans make sense for your business? Your options range from $0 to $29 per month, making Weebly an affordable option regardless of your business needs. 

Make your choice based on whether you’re working on a hobby, working as a freelancer, selling affiliate products, offering online courses, or building an online store. No matter what you are looking for, Weebly likely has an option that will work for you.

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