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Learn WordPress – Step-By-Step For Beginners (Free Guide)

WordPress powers millions upon millions of websites. From small personal blogs to eCommerce sites multinational firms – it’s the choice of the people and businesses all around the world.

It competes with both website builders like Squarespace & Weebly, platforms like Shopify, and Content Management Systems like Joomla & Drupal…because in many ways it can do it all. It’s that versatile.

However, just like any bit of software, it has a bit of a learning curve. Once you get WordPress installed on your hosting account – here’s a straightforward beginner’s guide to using WordPress with video tutorials to help you start managing and editing your own website. It really is that easy!

  1. How To Use The WordPress Dashboard + Initial Settings
  2. How To Use WordPress Posts + Pages
  3. Introduction To Categories And Tags
  4. How To Use The WordPress Visual Editor
  5. How To Work With The WordPress Media Library
  6. How To Work With Images in WordPress
  7. Troubleshooting Image Placement In WordPress Visual Editor
  8. How To Work With Menus In WordPress
  9. How To Work With Widgets In WordPress
  10. Introduction To WordPress Themes
  11. Introduction To WordPress Plugins
  12. How To Keep WordPress Updated Trouble-free
  13. Choosing & Installing Essential WordPress Plugins

Curious about what you can do with WordPress? We’ve worked to build in-depth guides for the types of websites that you can build, developed quizzes to evaluate WordPress hosting companies with, and curated various “themes” that you can inexpensively install to get the design you want right off the shelf. Here’s what we have so far –

Site-specific Guides

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