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What’s The Best Blog Hosting for Your Project?

Choosing the best hosting for your blog is a tough and often all too confusing process in general. There are so many options, so many upsells and so many opinions based on anecdotes. And really, there is no such thing as an absolute “best blog hosting” – there is only the web hosting that is right for you considering all the tradeoffs – speed, service, customer support, and pricing (of course).

Based on my experience working with many hosting companies, there are a few that are a good fit for most people. All of these companies allow the most popular blog platforms to be installed quickly & easily.

Best Blog Hosting

Visit InMotion HostingInMotion Hosting Review
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Free Migration
Starting At $2.29/mo.
Visit BluehostBluehost Review
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Starting At $2.95/mo
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Focused on a specific option?

HostGator is the best value for building lots of small sites (view plans).

GreenGeeks is an independent-owned company with excellent blog support and a commitment to clean energy (view plans).

And WordPress.com has a hosted (though limited) version of WordPress so that you don’t have to worry about any technical issues (view plans).

If you are looking for free blog hosting platforms, you can check out my guide.

Considerations for Choosing The Best Blog Hosting

Hosting companies all have different strengths and weaknesses. Some focus on customer support; some on pricing; some go for an overall value; some add-in bundled features.

Some hosting companies focus on beginners; some on people who want to have several blogs at once; some on big-budget bloggers who need uptime & security.

All of these considerations assume that you want to run & have complete freedom over your blog. If you’re looking for a free or inclusive platform – be sure to check out my guide to WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org and my guide to free blog hosting services.

Here are some of the considerations that are factored into the quiz.


Everyone wants a good deal. But defining your budget helps narrow down your choices. Think about when you go to buy a car – setting a price of $10,000 will rule out the Ferrari.

The other thing to consider with blog hosting pricing is how long you are locked in for. Some hosts require that you prepay for a year (they’ll usually offer a discount though) and some allow you to pay monthly.

If you are only going for a trial run, you’ll either want a host with monthly payments (like HostGator) or a host with a long money-back guarantee (like InMotion).

Customer Service

Everyone wants great customer service. But providing high-quality customer service across a range of support channels costs money. If you are comfortable Googling and figuring problems out for yourself, it might not be as important as pricing or performance.

Account User-friendliness

Some people want a clean, smooth, user-friendly backend. Some don’t care about the design – they just want everything to be there and to function. And still, others really don’t care about the backend – they want all technical options open for professionals (either a hired developer or customer support) to use as needed.

Highest Priority

Even though everyone wants the best overall deal, when it comes down to it, there are usually tradeoffs. What’s the one thing that will really make your website experience awesome?

Number of Websites / Domains / Storage

How many websites do you want to run on your account? For some, it might just be the one. Others might want a test site, a hobby site, and maybe a personal site. Your choice can rule out some hosting choices.

Complementary Resources

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